It's All For Crew Sister Hazel raises money for their crew members!

A lot of you have been asking how you can help during this trying time. As you know, the entire touring business was the first industry to be shut down nationally due to COVID-19. Our first concern was our families which include our Sister Hazel Crew! Without shows, our crew is left without a paycheck and unable to provide for their families.

They’re our boys. Hazelnuts, they're your boys! Some of you have seen them work quietly behind the scenes from the audience. They're the guys who get up the earliest and stay up the latest to keep the show on the road. They’re each uniquely talented and take endless pride in ensuring that the shows we bring you guys are as top notch as they can be. The sacrifices, dedication and loyalty they’ve always shown us goes both ways and we want to do everything we can to help them stay afloat as we all transition to whatever the next chapter looks like. Something for nothing??!! NO WAY!! That’s against the “Crew creed”!!

That said, as a thank you for helping look after our tour family, we're donating an autographed Lift CD to anyone who contributes to this great cause. Every dollar raised will go directly to our crew to help them navigate things in the near future. None of it will go to the band. It will ship once the dust settles and we are able to get everyone together again.

We’ve advocated for a lot of people and causes over the years and we know thousands of you have been impacted in countless ways with this challenge. We deeply empathize with your plights as well and will continue to do our best to be part of solutions as things unfold. Yes, as a band - we have our own big challenges looming, but for us right now it’s first things first.


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